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7th March 2023

You Cannot Be Serious...



No, we're not!  We don't have a trypraying aeroplane, nor would we like to have one.  And not many people would like to fly in a plane with that written on the side either!



However the trypraying advertising is about to take off and will reach thousands and thousands of people. It will be on trains, bus sides, bus rear panels, ticket barriers and supplemented by hundreds of banners on churches.



But sticking with the aeroplane metaphor, people are asking, 'How can trypraying take off in my church?'  'What can my church actually do to make this real for people in my congregation and make the most of the opportunity created by the advertising?'


The answer is simple...




Use it and lose it.


This simple idea makes it all so accessible for virtually every church.  It's a way to help everyone in a congregation pray and begin a conversation about faith without awkwardness or embarrassment.


26th March.  Everyone gets a copy of the booklet to use themselves (Use it).  2nd April - Palm Sunday - everyone prays for an opportunity the coming week to give it to a friend, neighbour or someone they bump into (Lose it).  So that's two successive Sundays in the next few weeks when your church can join in an activity taking place across hundreds of other churches.  There can also be an invitation to an Easter day service as part of the conversation. 


Video resources you can use on these Sundays: the idea <> , UILI <> , and Stories <> .


Starting conversations.


Trypraying helps a person start a conversation with God.  But for Christians it is also a simple way to start a conversation about faith with a friend.  Below are some suggestions but the main thing is to pray and ask God's Spirit to guide you.


Asking questions and listening is a great way to start.


*    'Have you ever prayed?'

*    'Do you ever think about spiritual things?'

*    'I've been given this booklet to use and I'd be interested to know what you think of it.'

*    'Would you think of yourself as a religious person? This booklet is for people who are not religious and don't do church.'

*    'Hey, let me show you this booklet I've been using. I've found it fascinating.'


Try it! <>






Churches have been taking up the offer of a free banner when buying 100 booklets.  We have about 20 free banners left.  Order the bundle <>  from our resources website <>  (UK only).


We have produced a leaflet called 'Use it and lose it' to go inside the booklets which explains how to use the booklet and a number of stories of what has happened. It's a great tool to help motivate a congregation. We will send some free with every booklet order.


Resources <



This happened.


*    In a cafe last week a young woman was at a neighbouring table.  She had overheard some of our 'Christian conversation' and so a booklet was offered to her. 'This is for people who are not religious and don't do church.'  She said, 'Well that's me!  I'm not religious but, thank you. I will read this and see what happens.'

*    A young man had been given a copy of the trypraying booklet. He sought out an opportunity to say what he thought of it, 'I enjoyed reading that booklet you gave me particularly the stories of answered prayer.'

*    I gave my last copy to my Pilates teacher last week.  I need to get some more. It's a great resource, especially for someone like me who doesn't call themselves a natural evangelist.

*    A man who had been given diagnosis for a serious health condition was given a trypraying booklet.  He said he prayed and it made such a difference in his life. 'Now I have to come out to the beach to pray, to a huge place to meet with a huge God.'




Why do we do all this?  Because people need to put their faith in Jesus Christ who mends broken lives and gives hope. We are praying for many people to experience that this year.




on behalf of the trypraying team.


David, Hannah, Anthony, Knox, Steve, Dean, Susan, Keith, Morgan and Bob.








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