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26th September 2022

Tearfund Scotland: Harvest Appeal


Dear Friend,


Around the world, the effects of the climate crisis are forcing families further into poverty. I am writing to let you know how you can help.


Jaman’s family have lived in the same community in Nepal for 120 years. Generations of his family have survived through raising buffalo or through other skilled work. But the climate crisis has changed weather patterns long periods of drought are now common, and with them comes hunger, as crops wither and livestock die.



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More and more men are being forced to move away to find work, and are sending back what little money they can. Families are being torn apart and the once-thriving community has perished.


Jaman struggled for years to protect his family from poverty and encroaching hunger. But his business failed and, as the climate became harsher with longer droughts, his crops dwindled too.


‘I became destitute, poor… Amidst that I felt lost. I found no way forward,’ says Jaman.


Tearfund’s partners, working through local churches around the world, are reaching people, like Jaman, with the support they need to flourish.


By introducing farming techniques, like irrigation systems and hardier seeds, people can be freed from poverty.


A gift of £88 could help set up a new water irrigation system, enabling a local farmer, like Jaman, to adapt to the climate crisis.



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Jaman’s story is one of many. As the effects of the climate crisis worsen, hope is drying up. Around the world, hunger is making families shrink back from their dreams. Poverty is not God's plan. You are. This Harvest, please give the freedom to grow and help families around the world, like Jaman’s, reach their full potential.


With blessings to you and your loved ones this Harvest,




Graeme McMeekin

Head of Tearfund Scotland

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