Barry Parish Church

26th July 2023

Daniel: Week 14 (Wednesday 26th July 2023)




Chapter 9:20-27


The Heart of the Matter

People often make the mistake of not only judging books by their covers but also

by their length—believing that longer is more difficult and shorter is easier. Many

times it is the reverse. This is especially true of the last four verses in Daniel 9. They

are not difficult to read but pose a challenge to understand. Daniel had Gabriel to

help him. We’ll rely on the Holy Spirit and the rest of God’s Word, not only to help

us understand this prophecy of the seventy weeks but also to help us apply some

principles to our lives.


Discovering the Way

1. Background and Introduction (Daniel 9:1–23)

Daniel was in concentrated prayer (9:1–19) when Gabriel came to help him understand the vision of the seventy weeks (9:20–23).

2. Vision and Prophecy (Daniel 9:24–27)

The prophecy of the seventy weeks is difficult but can be understood if we look at

three general facts and then explore four specific facts.


Starting Your Journey

Two principles arise out of this study. First, God deals in specifics—He’s a God of

detail. Therefore, when we pray we should pray for specifics. Second, God keeps His promises—He’s a God of integrity. Thus, we should claim the promises of God in


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