Barry Parish Church

21st June 2023

Daniel: Week 9 (Wednesday 21st June 2023)




Chapter 6:16-28


The Heart Of The Matter

Whatever the eye perceives, it doesn’t see it all. This is true not only in seeing but

also in understanding what God is doing in the lives of His children. Our limited

perspective leads us to the false assumption that the godly should not suffer, that God should prevent them from enduring trials. But what we do not see from our truncated vantage point is how God uses the patient endurance of His suffering servants to bring others to Christ.


Discovering The Way

1. Daniel in the Lions’ Den (Daniel 6:16–18)

Daniel had violated Darius’s decree. But it was a vile law that violated a higher law—

God’s command to worship only Him—which Daniel would not violate even if it

meant punishment.

2. The Lions in Daniel’s Den (Daniel 6:19–23)

Because of Daniel’s faithfulness to obey God and his trust in God to deliver him from

the lions, the Lord shut the mouths of the beasts, to the great pleasure of Darius.

3. The Accusers in the Lions’ Den (Daniel 6:24)

Darius, now knowing that he had been misled in signing the decree, retaliated against those who brought charges against Daniel by having them thrown to the lions.

4. Darius in God’s Den (Daniel 6:25–28)

Darius praised God and issued a decree that the Lord should be praised by all peoples.


Starting Your Journey

Your perspective will determine who’s in whose den. If we could see our suffering from God’s perspective, we’d learn that suffering is in our den and that He is using us to touch another’s life.

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