Barry Parish Church

5th April 2023

Tearfund Lent Devotional Day 43


From surviving to thriving





‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10, NIV)


Innocent was 10 when his father first allowed him to go to school. Not used to writing, his hands were too shaky to hold a pencil. The same year, he went to work in the gold mines close to his community in central Ivory Coast.


But the mines were dangerous two of his friends became trapped in a tunnel and died. So Innocent gave up and started working as a farm labourer. Now aged 30 and married with two children, it doesn’t provide enough income for his family.


Four years ago, Pastor Edward from his local church started inviting Innocent to his home to talk about God and faith. Innocent’s relationship with God was restored, he started attending services and joined the church’s business training programme supported by Tearfund.


Innocent has plans to save up and open a shop: ‘I'm going to work hard in order to open my DIY store,’ he says. ‘Pray to God for me that one day I will be great successful.’


Lord Jesus, we thank you for drawing close to Innocent, and that he has been welcomed back to church. We pray that his plans to open a DIY store will thrive, as he puts his new-found business skills into practice. Amen.


Veena O'Sullivan

Veena is Tearfund’s International Director


Countless people like Innocent are still in desperate need. We believe it’s the call of the church to respond, and we won’t stop until poverty stops.



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