Barry Parish Church

22nd March 2023

Tearfund Lent Devotional Day 29


The power within us





‘I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.’ (Galatians 2:20, NIV)


Fidel had reached rock bottom. He was working in an illegal gold mine in his community, in central Ivory Coast. His dream was to start a mobile phone banking business but he took a job down the mines to support his three sisters.


The mines are dangerous. One of Fidel’s friends died after being trapped in a tunnel. Filled with despair, Fidel spent the night drinking with friends but became separated from them. He heard a woman proclaiming the good news about Jesus. She said, ‘It is the Lord who is calling you…’


He surrendered his life to Christ at that moment. Finding his faith and joining his local church have made all the difference. At church, he received Tearfund training in how to set up a business. He left the mine to work as a farmer for a church elder, saving money to achieve his dream.


‘I have the assurance that a bright life is in store for me,’ says Fidel. ‘Pray for me that I will stay in the Lord.’


Lord Jesus, thank you for sending the woman to speak to Fidel. We ask that his dream to start a business and support his sisters will become a reality. And we pray he will stay close to you, Lord. Amen.


Noorie Dudley Sam

Noorie is Tearfund’s Country Director for Mano River


Tearfund works through local churches around the world to love and empower people like Fidel.



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