Barry Parish Church

30th July 2023

Be Still and Know - Trust God Completely Each Day




John 14:1-2


The disciples were facing the biggest challenge of their lives. For the previous three years, their life had been defined by Jesus. They had intimately shared all the daily challenges and excitements of his healing and teaching ministry. But now, suddenly, Jesus had told them he will be leaving. His pronouncement was followed by Jesus informing Peter, one of the inner circle of closest friends, that he was going to betray him. They must all have wondered what would happen to them, knowing Peter was the most devoted of all the disciples. There was much to make them very anxious. However, Jesus tells them not to be worried but to trust in him. He was indeed going to leave them, but he promised them a completely secure future. Jesus spoke about the rooms in his Father’s home as if he had booked them all into a hotel. All they needed to know was that the booking had been made, and there was room for everyone. Life can, for all of us, often seem very predictable for a long period of time. Our work stays more or less the same and our friends and family don’t change much. And then, suddenly, something changes and we feel threatened, insecure or anxious. Perhaps someone close to us becomes ill or dies, our work changes or we receive some other really bad news. It’s so important that we prepare our lives in advance of such challenges. We need to place our full trust in God now so that, whatever happens, we can remain calm and confident. In God’s hands we have no need to fear. His eternal home will always have room for us.



What is your response to the fact that there is more than enough room in the Father’s house for you?



Lord God, I thank you that I never have any need to be troubled. Help me to trust you completely each day, whatever challenges I face. Amen

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